Dress code lets kids focus on education

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I agree with the school dress code and it was long overdue in any community public school. If it was in the budget, I'd say uniforms would be great, too. Before you shoot me down, hear me out. If there was more of a dress code such as uniforms, the kids wouldn't discriminate as much as they do. They would have to look within for placing judgment on someone. There would be no judgments passed for how you dressed, how much money you have, or who you associate yourself with.

I went to school in Bremerton, Wash., for the eighth grade years ago. There was a girl who sat in front of me who was very cruel. This girl was wearing a $700 jacket from Nordstrom's and was ridiculing me for wearing my "Kmart special" jacket. She had the audacity to judge me for my parents' income. She never thought of the fact that my parents had five other kids to clothe. In Juneau, Kmart meant more for your money, but not in the larger communities. You were pond scum for shopping at those bargain stores. To me, judging someone by what they wear is almost as tasteless as judging them by the color of their skin.

If a dress code or uniform was in place, the kids could focus more on their education instead of who has the cutest outfit. They could feel comfortable in school knowing they would not be judged by their parents' income, the latest "Tommy" outfit or how "sexy" they were at school. Since when is sexy a requirement with your friends at school? Your body parts are more enhanced as you reach high school and all the more reason to censor it until you're adult enough to handle it.

I agree with everyone when I say, kudos to the school district for finally taking notice of something that needed to be said many moons ago.

Joey J. Tillson


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