Despite arguments, support Juneau access road
Thanks to columnist Gregg Erickson for sharing a different perspective on the Juneau access road. I have several brief comments which I hope people will consider as the idea develops.

Thanks for thinking
The Empire on June 19 reprinted an oddly educational St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial, "New Kind of Funk," that's worth thinking about.

Windfall profits tax a bad idea
Responding to the outside editorial of June 13, I agree with the author that in addition to supply and demand, world events and United States foreign policy have a big impact on the cost of oil and ultimately the price at the pump.

Palin proposes $1,200 energy relief rebates
Gov. Sarah Palin on Friday proposed paying each Alaskan $1,200 as well as suspending the state road fuel tax - already the lowest in the nation - to help Alaskans cope with high energy costs.

Mayor plans curbside recycling
Curbside recycling could be in Juneau by next summer, according to Mayor Bruce Botelho.

Photo: Golden touch-ups
Lee Saunders of KD Painting LLC of Sitka touches up the gold-painted molding on the Valentine Building on Sunday.

Photos: Framework for a new beginning
First, a Timbercraft crew from Port Townsend, Wash., starts to raise framework Saturday at the new Holy Trinity Episcopal Church. Second, the Rev. George Silides points as spectators observe. "It's so good to see so many people come out to see it go up." Silides said. "It's a wonderful day."

Photos: Celebrating a new, improved trail
First, U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens, third from right, and Gov. Sarah Palin, center, cut a ribbon Saturday at the Perseverance Trail tocelebrate the work done to improve trail access and safety conditions. Other ribbon cutters include Rep. Andrea Doll, D-Juneau, Sen. Kim Elton, D-Juneau, Mayor Bruce Botelho and Alaska State Parks Director James King.

Photo: Hair-raising walk
Maddie McKeown, 10, left, Colter Polley, 5, and his sister, Madison, 9, take a walk Sunday along Montana Creek Road. Polley said she felt like dressing up a bit for the occasion.

Juneau man charged with assault
An argument over a "stolen gun" on Lemon Creek Road ended Thursday night with Pendleton Cutnose Jr., 48, pointing a gun and threatening to shoot his 28-year-old roommate, according to police.

Police & Fire
Juneau police and fire officials and state police reported:

Around Town

Two teens injured in Thane rollover
Two teens were injured Friday after a 1989 black Mazda went off Thane Road during a race with white truck, Juneau police said.

Judge extends two-halibut charter limit
A federal judge extended an order allowing halibut charter fishermen in Southeast Alaska to operate under a two-fish limit, according to a charter industry group.

Around Town
Sunday, June 22

Police & Fire
Reports from police, fire officials and state troopers:

Outside editorial: Obama: 'No, thanks'
Barack Obama has decided to take a pass on $84 million in public campaign money because it would limit how much he can spend on his bid to become president. He's no fool. Obama has raised an unprecedented $265 million, mostly from small, online contributions; his presumed opponent, John McCain, has raised $115 million.

My turn: Clean Elections transparent, 'Anti-Corruption' masks funding
There are many approaches being undertaken to clean up Alaska politics and to make sure the money - both legal and illegal - that has stained Alaska politics is removed and voters are put back in charge.

Alaska editorial: Film incentive law for Alaska deserves standing ovation
M aybe now, finally, we'll all get to see Kate Shugak on the silver screen.

Wearing the victim hat is becoming trendier
S omeone is going to think this column is racist. That person - he or she will be white - will be unable to point to so much as a semicolon that suggests I believe in the native superiority of my, or any other, race. Rather, the accusation will be based in the fact that the column discusses race, period.

Meat habit is fueling world famine
Approximately 854 million people do not have enough to eat. Thirty-three countries are facing food crises, according to the World Bank, and food riots have recently erupted in Egypt, Haiti, Yemen, Malaysia and other poor nations. This is hard for most Americans to comprehend. The closest many of us will ever come to a food riot is when someone cuts in line for more nachos and hot dogs at the baseball-stadium concession stand.

Outside editorial: USDA's mad cow madness
When is a worthwhile test for mad cow disease not worthwhile? According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, it's when a private company uses the test.

Irrational exuberance in bubble investing
Like most Americans, I hear about foreclosures and other tragedies of the housing bubble and think: Why didn't I make money off this? I felt the same sense of devastating loss in 2000, when tech stocks crashed and I didn't benefit. Also, unlike my sister, I choked on exploiting that period of generosity right after our parents' divorce.

Toe Toon
Cartoon by local artist Toe.

Beak disorder baffles scientists
You may have seen one of Caroline Van Hemert's research subjects at the Auke Bay Hot Bite, where he is a regular customer. He wears little ankle bands and appears to subsist on French fries, breakfast burritos, bits of hamburger, ketchup packets and sundry delicacies from the trash.

Number of twins forecasts Alaska's moose health
FAIRBANKS - The Togiak National Wildlife Refuge is heaven if you're a cow moose.

A trip back to spring on Perseverance Trail
Going up the Perseverance Trail in mid-June this year is like going from summer back to spring.

Smart archers practice now for fall hunt
KENAI - As Joe McMullen of Kasilof approached his quarry, he was pleased with what he saw.

Out & About
Today: Public trap shoot, 10 a.m.-2 p.m., Juneau Gun Club.

Police arrest suspect in Juneau robbery
JUNEAU - Juneau police arrested a man suspected of robbing a gas station Sunday at knife point.

Grand jury doesn't indict ex-tribal leader
KETCHIKAN - A grand jury in Ketchikan declined to indict a former tribal president of the Ketchikan Indian Community on felony drug charges.

Alaska Zoo receives two new tigers
ANCHORAGE - The Alaska Zoo has two new tigers.

Bank robber faces up to 32 years
ANCHORAGE - A two-time bank robber faces up to 32 years in prison.

Baranov Museum is site of archaeology dig
KODIAK - The Baranov and Alutiiq museums in Kodiak are teaming up to begin an excavation at the historic Baranov Museum site as a part of their Bicentennial Archaeology Project.

Anchorage Bucs bus vandalized
ANCHORAGE - The director of the Anchorage Bucs baseball club said the team bus was severely vandalized.

Bail set at $25,000 for abduction suspect
ANCHORAGE - Bail has been set at $25,000 for a 19-year-old man suspected of abducting a 6-year-old Anchorage boy.

Unemployment grows in Alaska
JUNEAU - The state of Alaska reported the highest unemployment rate since February 2005.

Motorcyclist dies in crash with pickup
ANCHORAGE - The driver of a motorcycle was killed and his passenger seriously injured in a crash in Anchorage.

Man escapes burning cabin in North Pole
FAIRBANKS - A leaking propane tank exploded, injuring a North Pole man and burning a cabin to the ground.

Young runners win at Ben Blackgoat Memorial Race
Youthful runners outpaced all comers at this weekend's Ben Blackgoat Memorial Race.


Anglers see more encounters with bears
RUSSIAN RIVER - Encounters have been steadily on the rise between fishermen and bears since the upper Kenai and Russian rivers opened to anglers earlier this month.

Bering Sea pollock fleet faces closure over salmon
ANCHORAGE - Florence Johnson can rattle off myriad ways to prepare salmon. Drawing on a lifetime of fishing the Yukon River, she recommends canning, salting, or drying the fillets in her smokehouse near the heart of downtown Eagle.

Fairbanks cracks down on homeless
FAIRBANKS - Fairbanks officials are cracking down on illegal camps that are home to dozens of people.

Seals' island is dumping ground for marine debris
ST. PAUL ISLAND - Huge, whiskered male fur seals called "beach masters" are back on St. Paul Island after swimming a gantlet of lost or discarded fishing gear floating in the Bering Sea.

Photo: First peek
Two baby Northern Flickers and an adult peer out of their nest Thursday in a piling at Knudson Cove Marina in Ketchikan.

Gas prices affect state pickup sales
ANCHORAGE - The price of gasoline has had an effect on Alaskans' love for pickup trucks.

This Day in History
In Alaska, in the Nation and the World

State plans independent cost estimate of bridge
ANCHORAGE - State transportation officials will hire an independent source to estimate the cost of building a bridge across Knik Arm.

This Day in History
In Alaska

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