Cuts have been fair

Posted: Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Blame Murkowski First. Is this the motto of the Downtown Liberals club? Every time I look in the Empire, there's another letter, comment or My Turn by someone whose only goal is blame Frank Murkowski for all of the state's problems. Looking back over the past month, Frank Murkowski has been blamed for taxes, budget cuts, ferries, Fish and Game, education, etc.

These are the same people who called for cuts before the new administration, but now that cuts are taking place, they're in the wrong places. Could you do a better job? Well, where should we cut? Frank Murkowski cut the only fair way - across the board.

Frank Murkowski is the best governor Alaska has had in many years and I hope he continues to do the best for all Alaskans in the last three (hopefully seven) years of his governorship.

Jeremiah Crockroft


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