Parents not clueless

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, June 24, 2004

As a parent, I'm a little tired of the generalizing insults hurled at parents, which is what Ms. Wolfe does in her letter of June 22 when she asserts that parents are clueless. In fact, Ms. Wolfe's letter implies that all parents of Juneau-Douglas High School students are clueless when it comes to decisions regarding apparel, which I am not.

But maybe Ms. Wolfe is not a parent, or not a parent of teenagers who are harder to control than their younger counterparts. If she were a parent of teenagers, she would know that they get away with what they will from time to time in spite of our best efforts. If Ms. Wolfe really is a clued-in parent of teenagers, perhaps she has successfully established a police state in her home where pat downs for unauthorized tank tops or boxers are the norm as each kid exits the house (in which case, what's your secret?). Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your perspective, I don't want to become the type of mother who stalks her children at school just to make sure they are following every single rule laid down for them regardless of my approval of a stricter dress code as well as rules governing safety, conduct, and respect. However, should my teenagers take it upon themselves to disregard the JDHS dress code, and I am unsuccessful at wrestling them into more modest clothing, my children will simply have to face the consequences that come with making a poor choice, which is another way teens learn to become responsible adults.

Robyn Holloway


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