Diamondbacks slip past Dodgers

Posted: Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kyle Gould tripled and Gary Speck hit a double to lift the Diamondbacks past the Dodgers 6-4 on Saturday in a Gastineau Channel Little League Junior Baseball game at Adair-Kennedy Memorial Park.

Herbert Law / For The Juneau Empire
Herbert Law / For The Juneau Empire

Gould and Christopher Luck pitched in the win, while Phillip Fenumiai and Marc Heifetz threw for the Dodgers.


Diamondbacks 17, Padres 12

The Diamondbacks outlasted the Padres on June 16.

Gould, Shamile Blaisdell and Speck pitched for the Diamondbacks, while Ryan Kelly, Aquino Brinson and Kurt Vandor pitched for the Padres.


Cardinals 9, Athletics 8

The Cardinals slipped past the first-place Athletics on Saturday at Miller Field.

Tanner Petrie, Curtis Stickler and Nathan Kline pitched in the win, while Brett Underwood, Collin Ludeman and Ryan Hoover threw in defeat.

Braves 7, Mariners 1

R.J. Markovich and Adam Empson combined to limit the Mariners to one run in Sunday's win.

Shane Mielke, Nick Stewart and Andrew Williamson pitched for the M's.

Phillies 10, Mariners 7

Jake Estenson helped the Phillies by throwing out a runner from left field on Thursday.

Ryan Lee and George Grummett pitched in the win. Michael Dale also hit a three-run home run for the Phils.

For the Mariners, catcher Travis Duvernay threw out two Phillies trying to steal second base. Brian Mielke and Andrew Williamson pitched in the loss.

Cardinals 8, Braves 4

Nathan Kline and Kaleb Tompkins combined on the hill to lift the Cardinals past the Braves on Wednesday.

Adam Empson and Tod Baseden pitched for the Braves.

Cardinals 3, Phillies 0

Tanner Petrie struck out 16 batters en route to a shutout win over the Phillies on Tuesday.

Jared Markovich pitched a complete game and struck out six batters for the Phils.

Athletics 19, Braves 3

Tal Norvel and Brett Underwood limited the Braves to three runs in a rout on June 16.

R.J. Markovich, Tod Baseden, Dennis Barril and Jasper MacNaughton threw for the Braves.


RipTide 14, Reign 7

Ashley Boucher and Savanna Schauwecker had two hits each while Korri Mitchell added one hit for the RipTide on Wednesday.

Kayla Balovich and Sierra Westika pitched in the win.

For the Reign, Randi Held had two runs scored, while Emma Good and Breanne Chapman recorded base hits.

RipTide 10, Reign 10

The Reign's Breanne Chapman stroked a two-run home run in a tie with the RipTide on Tuesday.

Randi Held scored three runs, and Good hit a game-tying double for the Reign.

The RipTide's Ashley Boucher pitched a complete game, while Schauwecker hit a three-run triple and Jodi Mesdag hit a two-run single.

Crush 9, RipTide 7

Megan Punongbayan had two hits and three runs scored to lift the Crush past the RipTide on June 16.

Ashley Buck pitched all six innings in the win wile Hannah Finochio added a two-run home run.

For the RipTide, Rachelle Roldan scored three times.


Heat 3, Storm 3

The Heat and Storm closed out the 2008 regular season with a tie on June 15 at Melvin Park.

The Storm took an early 3-0 lead as Malin Murray, Cassie Anderson and Jennifer Nelson recorded base hits.

The Heat rallied to tie the game with one out in the final inning as Kalea Chapman tripled. Anna Bullock and Jacki Mallinger added singles for the Heat.

Nelson threw for the Heat, while Ashlii Kikendall and Bullock threw for the Storm.


As of June 23


W L T Pct.

Diamondbacks 12 6 0 .667

Dodgers 11 7 0 .611

Padres 7 11 0 .389

Rockies 6 12 0 .333


W L T Pct.

Athletics 12 6 0 .667

Cardinals 11 7 0 .611

Phillies 9 9 0 .500

Angels 8 10 0 .444

Mariners 8 10 0 .444

Braves 6 12 0 .333


W L T Pct.

Reds 10 4 0 .714

Mets 8 4 1 .654

Indians 6 6 1 .500

Royals 2 12 0 .143


W L T Pct.

Storm 7 4 1 .625

Heat 4 7 1 .375


W L T Pct.

Crush 11 6 0 .647

RipTide 8 6 2 .563

Reign 4 11 2 .294

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