A few more days until Rainball tourney

Posted: Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The 34th Annual Rainball Tournament starts Friday afternoon, so come on out to Dimond Park and Sandy Beach for the best in Men's and Women's Division softball! Watch the Home Run Derby competition light it up 7:30 p.m. Saturday at Dimond Park.

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Juneau Softball Association
Juneau Softball Association

Local teams have been cranking it up in anticipation, and teams are arriving in Juneau from all over Southeast for this weekend's games.

Womens C Division

Coming into the Rainball tournament, the Imperial women are on a four-game win streak, and peaking at the right time. Last week in the bar room brawl, it was no contest as Imperial poured it down Pat's Douglas Inn 12-1, after the Louie's Ladies had broken their own losing streak by rocking Sticks N Stones 18-8. That got the Sticks N Stones revved up, so they containered Lynden, twice no less, 7-0 and 17-8. It was not the week for the Lynden Ladies, as they made it four losses in a row when Alaska Litho put the press on 16-4. Imperial has a two-game lead over Alaska Litho, but after Rainball they go head to head.

Womens D Division

The women from the Merchants Wharf extended their win streak to seven games when they beat the Parts Plus Ladies 22-9, even though they only had nine players suited up. A Friday night forfeit for lack of players cost Mendenhall Mall the chance to catch the Ladies of the Wharf, but an 18-13 egging of Chicks with Sticks kept them close. The Chicks came right back, though, with an oh-so-close 10-9 divine intervention over the Hecla's Angels. Earlier, AEG Staffing displayed their steady improvement, even with losses to the Angels 12-10, and to the Parts Plus Ladies 17-8.

Mens C Division

Taku Oil finally slipped, with their first loss of the season to Team Imperial 15-4. The Barmen made it four in a row with a 15-3 skinning of the Timberwolf, but Taku Oil kept pace with a slippery 18-16 victory over Parts Plus. Parts Plus was "Parts Minus" this week, as they also got eaten 15-12 by the T'Wolf.

Mens D Division

This division can turn almost upside down each week. The top four teams are within three games of each other, and this week reflected the parity. With last weekend's make up games, these teams had lots of playing time. The Southeast Miners started the week on top of the Rounders, and the Miners panned 'em 23-9. But, in the meantime, the Rounders dry cleaned the Dirty Dozen 25-16, flexed on Pavitts 17-4, and twinkled past Northern Lights 14-13 to finish the week in the lead. And everyone else took to beating up on each other to keep the standings in chaos. Pavitts crunched the Northern Lights 18-9, muscled past the Dirty Boyz 16-8, and then tunneled past the Miners 10-9 - before getting squared by the Rounders in a 17-4 loss. It was not a week for the Dirty 12 Hall of Fame scorebook, as they continued a streak of losses, as the Miners exploded on them 22-2. Northern Lights derailed the Miners 5-4 before losing to the Rounders 14-13.

Mens E Division

Another undefeated team got pulled into the ranks of the vanquished this week, as Kapplers Computers got tapped 7-5 by the Island Pubski's, who now boast a four-game win streak. The Pub men from Douglas pumped Gas N Go 13-11, but the Gas men tanked Play it Again 7-0. Kapplers started a new win streak when they tooled Home Depot 26-4. That just made the Depot Boyz take it out on - who else - Play it Again 9-6. It's been a long season for the Play it Again Sportsters, but they can still cross-check any team on any night.

Mens F Division

The First National Caps and the UAS Flukes have been battling for the peak all season, but don't look past the ACOA Mudstingers and the 10 Rightfielders, as they quietly close the gap. The Mudstingers deposited a 15-11 loss on the Caps to start the week, and the 10 were nipped at the buzzer by the Flukes 11-10. The Flukes kept their four-game win streak alive with a 10-2 framing over Perseverance/Pak's. A walk off single in the bottom of the last inning gave the 10 men a 15-14 win over the Mudstingers. Double Ugly continued their walk on the wild side, as they now have six losses of three runs or less. This week, Perseverance/Pak's skinned them 16-15, and the Caps picked their pockets 18-16.

Coed D Division

The Drunkateers are the last of the undefeated at 8-0, but Team Miller Lite is still close behind. In the battle for first, the Drunkateers tapped out Team Miller Lite 11-8, stating it was "less filling," but they still have to play the Miller team again and Nizich Dental twice more. Nizich Dental continued to build on their coed tournament championship with a pair of wins, munching Wee Fishies 4-3, and then they crowned the Waffle House 12-4.

Coed E Division

Auke Bay Electric and Abby's Hooliguns went inside the cage with first place on the wire, and the Electricians spiked the 'guns 20-10. And then, without a pause, they short circuited the Valley Liquorites 16-10. In the battle for bragging rights in the lower half of the division, Clif Beadle's State Farmers insured a pay out with a 12-11 celebration over GCI Party Fouls.

Coed F North Division

Brain Pain made it a three-game win streak when they shopped Foodland 12-4. However, the Killer Bees maintained their one-game lead with a 14-13 stinger on Haz Gas in extra innings. Meanwhile, Pavitt split a pair, checking out to Foodland 16-10 before inflicting an emergency softballobotomy on Bartlett Too 8-3.

Coed F South Division

The top four teams are on winning streaks - the bottom 5 teams are not - yet on any given week, they all can win! Team America made it a seven-game win streak with a 15-6 keel hauling of The Pirates. But this week, they play the only team to beat them, Reliable Oil, who got boilered 22-2 by ERM Adder-Ups. Off the Cuff stayed in the top fray when they put a 16-3 manacle on Trusted Choice, and a 10-7 ticket on the Adder Ups.

Coed G Division

Seabreeze made it eight in a row with a 20-3 deluge on Attractive Nuisance, and a 28-4 tsunami on the Red-headed Kids, but the Battalions of Terminators kept pace for that June 29 rematch, as they irritated the Attractive Nuisance with their third one-run loss of this season 16-15. MRT slammed AWARE 15-5 to start their own win streak.

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