Yellow ribbons in Ketchikan

Posted: Sunday, June 25, 2000

Letter by Colleen Scanlon

The Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce kicked off the Yellow Ribbon Campaign recently. By writing this letter I hope to dispel any misconceptions about what it means to wear a yellow ribbon in Ketchikan. Yellow Ribbons on lapels, cars, trucks, or antennaes signify your support of resource-based jobs, including the tourism, timber, mining, recreation and fishing industries.

Yellow ribbons also convey our oppostiion to the administration's roadless proposal which will further limit access to the Tongass National Forest. Any other meaning that may be proclaimed or advertised for wearing a yellow ribbon in Ketchikan is false. We support local resource industries 110 percent and don't want any misunderstanding of the yellow ribbon campaign.

Wear them with pride.

Colleen ScanlonKetchikan

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