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Posted: Sunday, June 25, 2000

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I'd just like to say that DFYS does not understand Tlingit ways of raising kids. I have been working since October to get my kids back, and I've been working through Tlingit and Haida, but that isn't good enough. You have to go the white man's way. I think that is a punishment.

I have lived in Juneau since the early '50s and I'd like to see a road built out of Juneau to break up some of the monopolies businesses have on the people.

As the population grows in Juneau, Egan highway is getting smaller. Juneau only has 34 miles of road that goes nowhere. So what's the big rush to go nowhere?

What a great article that you put in the paper Friday night concerning Granny Franny. I've been a patron of the Buoy Deck for 20 years and she's such a great lady. Thank you for the great article.

Cruise ships must be informing people about the $5 head tax. Hey cruise ships, can't we inform them about the taxes you're imposing on people to go to Puerto Rico or the Bahamas? Ours is a little tax compared to theirs.

Here, here. I agree about the motorized paragliders. I'm sick and tried of hearing those things buzz around. Those are worse than the helicopters and the low-flying planes. I want them gone.

I'm going on a cruise ship tour in Europe this summer, and in addition to my fare I'm paying almost $400 in government fees and port tax. The disgruntled tourist in the letter to editor from Texas who complains about the $5 tax and how he's not going to spend any money in Juneau is obviously the relative of a cruise ship executive or has been told by the cruise ship people on board via some means to write this letter. It's an obvious sham, or this guy is obviously very uninformed about what ports charge what.

I'm a male working at DOT and every word that Nancy Rongstad has written is absolutely correct. I only wish the commissioner's office would do something about it.

If your child came home from Twin Lakes on Friday with a bicycle helmet that doesn't belong to them, they took it from a 10-year-old visiting boy. I would really appreciate it if you would return it.

I really wasn't chumming for whales. I was chumming for the naive, the misinformed and the uninitiated. Looks like I got a few. Even charter boat captains have to have fun sometimes.

I hope that man from Dallas, Texas, has friends that can reply to him because he is the uneducated snob tourist that we don't want back in this town.

Excuse me. The Ketchikan office of Alaska Airlines may have denied a seat to the father that should have been on the flight. My heart goes out to the family who lost a beautiful part of life. And the Seattle office's 800 number may have denied a seat to the man about the liver transplant. But if you have a serious circumstance, go to the counter here and see an agent or supervisor. We have had emergencies in our family and our local agents have bent over backward to see our needs were met. One bad apple does not ruin the whole basket.

This is in response to the person who would appreciate putting in an area for babies and kids under 3 in the pool. We'd appreciate it, too, and they could keep their pool to themselves, if you know what I mean.

I want to thank the Juneau Alaska Airlines office for their courtesy time and time again when I've had to medivac my son out because of heart conditions. They gave us wonderful fares and even one of the airline people gave buddy passes to my father-in-law to make it up here when he didn't have the money from Seattle.

How sad for the father trying to get out of Ketchikan. He asked people he knew to give up a seat and he was refused. The souls of those people are much blacker than that of Alaska Airlines.

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