Youthful skiers lead pack in Glacier Roll in-line skate race

Posted: Sunday, June 25, 2000

The Glacier Roll in-line skate race is a fund-raiser for the Juneau Ski Club, but the way young skiers keep winning the race it might as well be one of their showcase events.

Skiers gearing up for college won two of the four divisions in Saturday's ninth running of the event along the North Douglas Highway near False Outer Point.

Corey Denton, a recent graduate of Juneau-Douglas High School, hopes to ski for the University of New Hampshire next season. He won his third straight title in the men's 5-kilometer race, posting a time of 11 minutes, 54 seconds.

Sarah Fischer, a Juneau resident who just graduated from Rowland Hall-St. Mark's School in Salt Lake City, plans to ski for the University of Colorado in 2001-2002 after a deferred enrollment. Fischer, who will ski with the Park City (Utah) Ski Team this winter, won the women's 10K race in 24:54.

The other two winners were local biker Dan Fremgen in the men's 10K, with a time of 23:24, and Constance Croak in the women's 5K, with a time of 15:28.

``This is actually good cross-training for skiing, especially cross country,'' said Denton, who is an alpine skier. ``It's more anaerobic than aerobic, and it works your back a lot more.''

``It's probably one of the greatest workouts,'' Fischer said. ``You've got to love the speed. I hadn't gone that before in awhile, so my back was hurting by the time we reached 10K.''

In-line skating not only offers a welcome change of pace during the summer running season, but it is also easier on the typically beaten-up joints of most top competitive skiers. Fischer said she was slowed in past years by two knee operations, but didn't feel them this time.

``It takes a lot of impact off the knees,'' said Fischer, whose father Scott organized the race. ``This is the first time I've really been able to do this race since I was 11 or 12. I was always out with my knee injuries, or off at ski camp. It was a beautiful day for this. It was probably one of the best days.''

Denton just sprained his ankle last week and wasn't able to run in the Only Fools Run at Midnight race early Saturday morning, but he said in-line skating wasn't a problem later in the morning.

``I was good for Roller-Blading, but not for running,'' said Denton, adding that the in-line skates have a solid plastic shell to support the ankles. ``The track was pretty bumpy, and I was a little bit slower than last year. I was just going out for a fun time. The weather is always great, it's only rained once, and the race is pretty low key.''

Scott Fischer said this was the 10th race, but one had to be canceled a few years ago because of rain. He said the race used to be a lot popular with younger members of the Juneau Ski Club, but now they seem to have more choices with softball, baseball and soccer.


Results from Saturday's Glacier Roll In-line Skate race along North Douglas Highway, near False Outer Point.

Men's 10K

Age 30-39 - 1. Dan Fremgen, 23:24.

Age 40-49 - 1. Tom Waldo, 23:32; 2. Joe Thomas, 26:11.

Age 50-59 - 1. Robert Chatfield, 29:32.

Women's 10K

Age 14-19 - 1. Sarah Fischer, 24:54.

Age 30-39 - 1. Karie Sheggeby, 36:45.

Age 40-49 - 1. Stacey Anderson, 28:41; 2. Melanie White, 29:53; 3. Diana Reid, 38:29.

Men's 5K

Age 9-13 - 1. Tom Meiners, 15:22; 2. Jianni Spicciani, 28:32.

Age 14-19 - 1. Corey Denton, 11:54; 2. Brian Nowlin, 13:03; 3. Don Meiners, 13:06.

Age 40-49 - 1. Jim Backett, 15:12.

Age 60-older - 1. Art Peterson, 15:42; 2. Sig Olson, 20:46.

Women's 5K

Age 14-19 - 1. Heidi Denton, 17:15.

Age 30-39 - 1. Britt Waters, 18:28.

Age 40-49 - 1. Constance Croak, 15:28.

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