Appalled by cartoon

Posted: Monday, June 25, 2001

I was appalled at the cartoon appearing on the Opinion/Viewpoint page of Sunday's Juneau Empire. Rarely has the Empire displayed such poor editorial judgment. Would you have ever run a cartoon of previous Interior Secretaries such as Stewart Udall, Cecil Andrus, James Watt, or Bruce Babbitt running naked in the wilderness? Of course not! To do so with a characterization of current Interior Secretary Gale Norton is not just discrimination based upon her gender - it is tasteless and totally unwarranted exploitation of her gender.

You and the editorial staff may be amused by the work of cartoonist Toe. I was not. You owe Secretary Norton a personal apology. Furthermore, you owe every Empire reader the assurance that you will diligently guard against such base and blatantly sexist material in future editorial and opinion features and cartoons.

LeRoy Davis


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