Inaction has consequences

Posted: Tuesday, June 25, 2002

The first paragraph of the "Special session" story in Monday's Empire stated that "The Capitol started to come back to life this morning for a special session the legislators didn't want." That comment almost qualifies as an oxymoron.

Consider Eric Croft's view "this is a legislative detention" followed by "We didn't do what we should have, so we're being forced to stay after school..." Well, Eric, that's what should happen when you behave like my kids did when first faced with an unpleasant task.

Then consider Rick Halford's opinion that "the issues could be resolved easily" in the next session with a new "governor and legislators who are likely to be in leadership." Well, Rick, you also sound like my kids did as teenagers, trying to get out of doing ordinary household chores.

Lest anyone draw the wrong impression about my kids, they have learned to take responsibility for their own actions, or lack thereof. They now understand that procrastination is most often a self-serving and unproductive approach to the issues they encounter in life.

John Weedman


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