Message to Lisa: Clam up chowder ads

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, June 25, 2004

If our CIA, FBI and military interrogators forced their prisoners to view Sen. Lisa's "Chowder" ads even half the number of times Alaskans have had to endure this torturously annoying tripe, prisoner confessions would flow like the rains of Ketchikan. Senator, give it a rest. Don't insult our intelligence by running these tired, patronizing ads suggesting that the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge cannot be opened unless we continue with a Republican-only delegation to Washington. If that were true, ANWR would have been opened years ago.

Think about it. Our Republican delegation to Washington has worked long and hard, trying everything possible to open ANWR, but it just hasn't worked. As long as Alaska has no one on the Democratic side of the aisle, we probably never will open ANWR. We need a Democrat working for Alaska teaming with Sen. Stevens if we ever expect to get ANWR open. We've got to cover all of our bases. We must have representation from both parties, period.

Incidentally, I am a registered Independent, having left the Republican Party years ago when the Alaska party chair, in a fit of testosterone overload, decided whom Republicans could vote for in the primaries - grrr. Bottom line in all of this is that Tony Knowles has proven he is an Alaskan first and that he works for us. If anyone among us knows the difference between a Caribou and a bowl of clam chowder, it is Tony Knowles.

One last thing, senator: My dad lost an eight-year battle with Alzheimer's. While your pro-life position is honorable, you clearly have no clue about research at the cell level. This disease has devastated millions of families. Nancy Reagan put a face on what she and the rest of us have had to endure in the long goodbye for those we love. Quit playing the politician for a moment and show some compassion. Alzheimer's isn't the only disease for which stem cell research offers credible hope.

Ron DeLay


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