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Posted: Friday, June 25, 2004

... for museum day volunteers, sponsors

The Alaska State Museum, Juneau-Douglas City Museum and Last Chance Mining Museum would like to thank the many volunteers and sponsors of the Juneau Museum Day activities for making the day a memorable community event. Approximately 700 people attended the festivities and had a wonderful time thanks to their generous contributions.

Special recognition is extended to the following organizations and businesses: The Friends of the Alaska State Museum, Jerry Harmon, A-J Mine/Gastineau Mill Enterprises, Thibodeau Home Liquor and Deli, Princess Tours; and volunteers: Dan Beason, Tom Carson, Marie Darlin, George Danner, Gary Gillette, Sheila Griffin, Lucy Hudson, Bill Hudson, Renee Hughes, Linda Johnson, Jon Loring, Shauna McMahon, Lydia Mills, Jennifer Nelson, Dorothy Palmer, Michael Schmidt, Rebecca Smith, Gail Smith, Damon Steubner, Doug Turnball and the Philchuck Glass School Mobile Glass Studio demonstrators.

Thank you all for your assistance.

... for classes on Native arts, crafts

My name is Annette Osborne of the Kaagwaantaan yatxee. I would like to take this time to say thank you to Jade Florendo, Linda Carol, Alberta Aspen and the Tlingit-Haida Central Council for the classes that were held for us here in Juneau at the Tlingit-Haida Community Building this past year.

These classes gave many, many people a chance to do Native arts and crafts and to be able to meet with other people and trade ideas on many projects.

I personally got a lot out of these classes other then making the projects. As a single parent it brought me closer to my children, and to have a lot more respect for my children, and my family.

I was taught how to make Native bibs, blankets, head bands, among other great ideas from other people who attended these classes. I worked under Alberta Aspen who showed me how to make my eagle blanket, which I had dictated to my daughter, Yolanda. And for my other blanket I owe many thanks to my relative, Toni Houston, who showed me how to complete a blanket for my son, Antonio.

This was my first time working on such projects, and I really enjoyed my time doing these projects, to see the smile on my father's face (James S. Osborne Sr.) and to hear him say how proud he was of me, put a great feeling in my heart that I cannot explain. I have grown up with my parents James and Mae Osborne, who worked on Native designs that are still around. You can see them at the Juneau Airport. Many people around Southeast Alaska now have in there household some of my parents' paintings, which now are a great treasure and keepsake to them in memory of my mother, Mae Osborne. Now that my mother has passed on my brother, James Osborne Jr., has taken over doing the paintings. I have always wanted to learn how to do these paintings, but was never able to grasp the talent of what my parents did.

I had explained to my daughter, Yolanda, and my son, Antonio, that I am working on these blankets for them, and that I was going to be dancing in the Celebration in my Auntie Rosa Miller's group in the Celebration, and that they needed to earn their blankets by dancing in them. I have not danced in any dance group since the age of 9. My daughter right away said she would dance with me, and to look over to my side and see my daughter dancing next to me was the happiest day any mother could experience. Something very special to share with your children, and great memories that well last a life time - something for your children to keep or to pass on to their children.

I could not give enough gratitude to all who contributed to these classes, not only for the classes but a life long gift that I was able to share with my family, and to be able to dance in the celebration.

I was diagnosed with what is called Dystonia and I am in use of a walker, and to be able to dance in this Celebration even with this condition was painful but very good. There is no better medicine than to be with your family and celebrate with loved ones. That brings great joy in my heart. Once again, thank you. And I hope that Tlingit-Haida Central Council will have this program to offer us again. I am sure that many people will join this again.

A heart-filled thank you.

Annette M. Osborne


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