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Posted: Monday, June 26, 2000

Noise initiative certified by clerk

JUNEAU -- The Peace and Quiet Coalition got enough Juneau voters to sign onto its initiative to limit aircraft noise, and the city clerk certified the measure as valid this morning, according to initiative committee member Mary Ann Parke.

The measure would make commercial flightseeing tours a 9-to-5 operation from May through September and ban them on Saturdays. It would also allow new heliports only if developers showed they would not add to existing noise levels.

In addition, the assembly would be barred from expanding the number of areas where heliports could be built, and from spending money to study new heliports, including the noise they might cause. The initiative also mandates that the city ask the U.S. Forest Service to cut back on the helicopter landings it permits on the Juneau Icefield.

The measure now will be submitted to the Juneau Assembly for consideration as an ordinance or -- if the assembly doesn't act on it -- included on the October ballot.

``We hope the assembly will take the initiative and adopt it,'' Parke said.

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