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Posted: Tuesday, June 26, 2001

Title and firm: Douglas resident Sharon K. McCauley is sole proprietor of Romancing the Stones, a hot stone massage therapy business that operates alternating weeks.

Services: Massage with stones is "one of the hottest salon requests in the Lower 48," McCauley said. It is based on an ancient Native American tradition using heated basalt (lava) stone, which holds warmth, to massage the body. "It dissolves muscle tension as the warmth penetrates the body. It's very relaxing, particularly for aching muscles," she said.

Stones are heated to 140 degrees. Fifty-four stones of different shapes and sizes are used - some for the hands, tiny stones that fit between the toes, and stones for both kidneys, the small of the back and the heart.

Another part of the therapy uses chilled marble stones to reduce swelling and soreness. An hour-long massage costs $65; an hour and a half, $90.

Quotable: "I paid to have this massage done before I took the class to learn how to do it. I loved it."

Background: McCauley, 58, has lived in Juneau for 30 years. She worked for the Legislature and for the governor's Office of Budget and Management.

In 1997 she began a second career as a certified nursing assistant, training through Hospice and what was called St. Ann's Care Center. She also is certified in California as a massage and water Shiatsu practitioner. McCauley studied hot stone massage in April with Mary Nelson of Tucson, founder of La Stone Therapy.

Family: McCauley's brother, Bill, is data programming manager for legislative affairs. Her son, Jake Stoops, works for the Northwest Arctic School District in Kotzebue.

Contact information: Romancing the Stones is located in the Valentine Building, 119 Seward St., Suite 17, sharing space with the Electrolysis Center. McCauley can be reached at 723-7236. She plans to offer her service in Gustavus and other Southeast towns. She can be e-mailed at For more about the technique, browse the Web site

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