Kudos for garbage bear resolution

Posted: Tuesday, June 26, 2001

My hat's off to the city for finally being courageous enough to put the responsibility for the garbage bear problem where it belongs, on the makers of the garbage. It is appalling that we would kill a mother bear and her cub to make up for bad choices on the part of humans. Dogs should not be left out where they are at risk. Garbage should not be left out to draw the bears in. Finally the law is getting some teeth in this matter, and I am thrilled.

Thank you to City Manager Dave Palmer and Police Chief Mel Personett for changing city policy and enforcing it. Thanks to Mark Farmer for sticking to his guns and inspiring this great reform in how we treat our bear neighbors. This is way past due! Thanks also to CBJ for the bear-proof garbage cans in Cope Park. Let's get more of them and put them in all the parks and on downtown streets.

On a different note (well, not really), for the people planning the destruction of the wetlands trail, just for your information, geese don't roost in trees.

Thank you CBJ for wise and well thought-out treatment of local wildlife.

Jane Roodenburg


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