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Posted: Tuesday, June 26, 2001

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Regarding the bear incident, I can understand where a bear can be aggressive, but I can't understand how the police can do a very good search in less than four hours to find the cub a home. It is pretty disgusting for the police to kill small bears and then give a lame excuse for trying to find the cub a zoo.

John Fortin

Mark Farmer's statement in the WOM that the dogs were "chained up in the woods" was incorrect. The dogs were in a dog run in our back yard. The dog that was attacked initially was in a dog run that's about 75 feet. These are huskies - outside dogs. Mark Farmer's insinuation that we put them out as bear bait is insulting.

Teresa Kissel

For the person who wants to fish from the shore during the Derby, it seems to me that some people spend too much time fishing and not enough time working so they can buy their own boat.

Roger Bunton

I'd like to thank Silverbow Construction for repairing the bird lookout on the wetlands. It's nice to see the community spirit is alive and well.

Iris Frank

We've been out to Auke Rec to launch our boat three times now and each time there were cars parked in the trailer parking only zone. There is already a $20 fine. Maybe if we raise it to $100 or $150 then people will think twice before parking there.

Mary Ann Bethel

It's interesting that the cruise ships are being targeted for gray water. What about the Alaska Marine Highway ferries? I witnessed the ferry discharging water in Kake this weekend, in a bay where our fish return and where we collect our food.

Lillian Selbpausch

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