Fishermen beware

Posted: Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Glacier Bay compensation program was one big smokescreen by the federal government. How much of the proceeds went out of state? How much remained in the state? What amount remained and was paid to the local year round fishermen and deckhands? What are the economic impacts?

Many captains and deckhands were left out of the compensation program, some that had many years in Glacier Bay longlining and trolling.

Remember the IFQ program? How much of the IFQ went out of state? How many IFQ holders remained in the state year-round?

The paper tigers rejected my application. I as a resident descendent of Hoonah and Alaska was not given just compensation. When all is said and done I will still be here. Fishermen and Alaskans beware, the California regulators are here.

David Jerome Garcia


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