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Posted: Thursday, June 26, 2003

I thank Mary Noble for writing, because she makes me think. Usually she makes me think she is wrong, and her latest letter is no exception. Her selective presentation of facts makes it sound as though anyone who wants to say the United States is one nation "under God" must be a bigoted jingoist xenophobe racist who sees an "evil" immigrant or godless commie behind every fence post!

Seems to me the members of the U.S. Congress, from the far right to the far left, denounced the hopelessly out-of-touch decision by the liberal activist 9th Circuit Court that said "under God" was somehow unconstitutional.

The man who brought the Pledge case to court, Michael Newdown, lied when he said he was suing on behalf of his daughter. Later it was revealed that his daughter and her mom were Church-going Christians. But to God-haters, the truth means very little.

The real issue here isn't Francis Bellamy, what his granddaughter thought he would have felt about Eisenhower's decision, or the KKK. It is about politically correct revisionists trying to wipe out any mention of God anywhere, i.e., "un-God" the universe.

Let's use history as our teacher and remember that early American universities, including Harvard and Yale, were founded for the express purpose of educating Christian ministers. History shows us that America was founded mainly by Christians, not atheists, communists, or the KKK. History tells us that many American presidents and other leaders of our nation have spoken openly about their personal faith in Jesus Christ, and acted accordingly. That's why Eisenhower, a man of great faith himself, wanted "under God" put into the pledge to distinguish us from nations like Russia that did not fear and respect God.

Let's use history as our teacher and re-learn that Christianity has been the greatest force for good in American history, and in world history. Let's use history to remind us that denying the free exercise of religion is a bad thing, and that godlessness never did anyone any good.

Guy J. Crockroft


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