GCI Cable should drop Spike, TRIO channels

Posted: Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I have written GCI Cable to reconsider its decision to cancel the Hallmark Channel from its Juneau cable television lineup, and I encourage other family-minded readers to do the same. GCI's e-mail address is complaints_praise@gci.net.

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The Hallmark Channel has great family-oriented programming that I often watch. Dropping such quality networks, while retaining marginal networks and a sparse HDTV lineup, is going to drive GCI customers to reconsider satellite competitors.

If GCI must trim its lineup, I bet it would get few complaints by dropping some of the more useless channels, such as TRIO and Spike television. And do we really need to see all those pay-per-view pornography titles prominently displayed in the television guide for our children and grandchildren to ponder?

Wendall Bishop


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