A sarcastic solution to school woes

Posted: Thursday, June 26, 2008

It should appear clear now to virtually everyone that the decision to build a second high school - rejected once by the citizenry, and foisted upon us again by the Juneau School Board and administration - was disastrously wrong.

The high school enrollment, which we were told would be 2,100 by the time the school opened, is now around 1,500, or 100 less than when the new school was first proposed. The costs soared way past what we were told they would be - just about to the level rejected by the voters - although now the administration is saying that it never promised us that the numbers we voted on the second time would represent the total costs of the new school.

And now, appallingly, the administration is paying for advertisements to try to recruit enough students to attend Thunder Mountain High School. Why does Superintendent Peggy Cowan still have a job?

I have a solution to our problem. It was just disclosed that the Israeli Air Force has been practicing for possible raids on the Iranian uranium enrichment plant by flying 900 miles into the Mediterranean Sea - the distance between Israel and the Iranian plant. It is unclear from the reports I read whether the planes dropped simulated bombs at the end of their run. Coincidentally, the air distance between Seattle and Juneau is just a shade over 900 miles. Why not allow the Israelis to fly to Juneau from Seattle, and drop actual bombs on our nearly completed white elephant?

This would allow Juneau to return to the sensible policy of one high school, large enough to offer its students the range of choices they deserve, whether in language classes (such as Japanese and Russian), shop classes, or in a broad offering of the advanced placement classes that top-notch colleges and universities want to see from students applying to them.

And it would give the Israelis better practice if the time should come when elimination of the Iranian nuclear threat is a necessity. It is not too late to correct our folly.

John Gaguine


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