Caribou issue more complex than "kill them all"
The facts of the Unimak Island issue are more complex than the Alaska Department of Fish and Game's customary knee-jerk reaction of "kill the wolves".

Kensington Mine production begins ahead of schedule
The Kensington Gold Mine is producing gold, the mine's owner announced Thursday.

Photos: Governor's picnic on Douglas

DEC finds low levels of PSP in crab samples
JUNEAU - The levels are far below state legal limits and are not a health concern, the department said. No toxins were found in the crab meat.

City picks Vanderbilt for crossing

Anderson records show debt

Anderson records show debt

JDHS grad guides visitors at local salmon hatchery
By mid-afternoon on Sunday, Cordova Lewis and the other guides at the Ladd Macaulay Visitor Center had seen only 18 bus loads of tourists - a few hundred people to entertain and inform.

Photo: Main Street asphalting
James Thompson of Bicknell, Inc., runs an asphalt roller over newly laid pavement along Main Street on Thursday.

Photo: Sawdust recliner
Jose Orozco of the Red Dog Saloon takes a break on a pallet of bagged sawdust along Franklin Street as tourists study their guide book on Thursday.

Yakutat opts against hiring ex-lawmaker

Obama's obsession with ideology dooms US economy
Everyone knows if you can't say something nice about someone you shouldn't say anything at all, so let's stipulate that President Obama's stimulus package probably helped end the recession a few months earlier than it otherwise would have ended.

Con: Is President Obama hurting the economy?
The preponderance of blame for the current anemic economy does not lie with the Obama administration. Its origins actually are to be found in a process of deregulation that extends back at least to the administration of President Ronald Reagan.

Gulf spill's long reach
The following editorial first appeared in the Anchorage Daily News:

The Great Wall Street of China
The following editorial appeared in the Seattle Times:

On the move ...
Things have been busy this summer at the Mendenhall Glacier, said Laurie Craig, an interpreter at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center.

Gold Rush Days a celebration for all
Miners, prepare to muck. Loggers, sharpen those saws, because Saturday morning kicks off the 20th annual Gold Rush Days, a celebration of the past, present and future of Southeast Alaska's mining and logging industry.

Parenting tricks of the animal kingdom
As summer hits full swing, you may cross paths with baby animals. It's a dangerous world for little critters, so contrary to what you may expect, good animal parents sometimes leave their young seemingly alone to help them survive. Your mission, as a wildlife spy, is to enjoy observing animals without disturbing them - which means extra caution around youngsters.

New Porcupine chair nearly ready to roll
For the second consecutive year, the Eaglecrest ski area will introduce a new lift in time for the start of the local ski season, but this time, it's catered to beginners.

Weekly Whale Feature: 'Black Barnacle'
This whale is named for the white circle marks on her tail. It looks like barnacles may have been there in the past.

Juneau Raptor Center Rescues
Recent rescues by the Juneau Raptor Center

Near Granite Basin, grouse gets protective
On a warm, hazy day, I headed up the Perseverance Trail, turning off onto the Granite Basin Trail. My objective was not the lovely basin, however, but rather the lower falls just before the basin entrance. Two weeks ago, there was still a lot of snow packed along the sides of the creek, but today the creek sides were mostly clear and nesting American dippers were now present. In the two previous springs, no nesting was possible here, because heavy winter snowfalls left long-lasting snow bridges over most of the canyon.

Wild shots
Submit your wild shots

Union president gets probation
ANCHORAGE - A union president has received probation for falsely filling out a form to cover up receiving double reimbursement of travel expenses.

Walker wants pipeline, tax bill documents
JUNEAU - A Republican challenger to Gov. Sean Parnell has filed a records request seeking documentation of any conditions on bids as part of a proposed major natural gas pipeline.

Anchorage Assembly approves homeless camp law
ANCHORAGE - The Anchorage Assembly has approved a new law giving the homeless a five-day notice to leave illegal camps.

Anchorage digs dandelions in Town Square Park
ANCHORAGE - The city of Anchorage has dropped weed-spraying plans in Town Square Park because of concerns about the herbicide.

Woman awarded $250,000 in Fort Wainwright fall
FAIRBANKS - A Tennessee woman has been awarded $250,000 after falling in a slippery Fort Wainwright parking lot.

Parnell signs cruise tax reduction in Juneau
Gov. Sean Parnell gathered Thursday with tourism-industry leaders to sign a bill rolling back the cruise ship head tax, which was unpopular within the industry.

Palin fund illegal; donors will get money back
ANCHORAGE - Thousands of donors who contributed to a $390,000 legal defense fund for former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will get their money back after an investigator said Thursday the fund was illegal because it was misleadingly described on a website.

High court reins in prosecutors' use of fraud law
WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court on Thursday sharply curtailed prosecutors' use of an anti-fraud law that was central in convicting politicians and corporate executives in many of the nation's most prominent corruption cases, including one involving a former Juneau lawmaker. The ex-CEO of disgraced energy giant Enron and a Canadian media mogul, both in prison, are among others who could benefit from the ruling.

Paddle surfers draw attention in Fairbanks
FAIRBANKS - It finally reached the point that Tim Troppmann and Jon Staal stopped going stand up paddle surfing on the Chena River through downtown Fairbanks.

Alaska geologist survives two attacks by grizzly bear
ANCHORAGE - The bearded, sandy-haired geologist was on a job in the remote Alaska wilderness when a grizzly bear suddenly emerged from the brush just yards away.

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