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Posted: Wednesday, June 27, 2001

... for fine reporting

We really enjoyed sharing Alaska's smallest bird with a reporter so perceptive and enthusiastic as Kristan Hutchison, and appreciate the coverage on rufous hummingbird biology.

Her article's appearance capped a most rewarding month of experiences in the "Upper One" for biologists from the "Lower 48", thanks to many people.

Dr. Bill Heard, NMFS Laboratory, Auke Bay and the personnel of the Little Port Walter Biological Station made possible a splendid visit to LPW, where Brooke Cummins was a very special helper. Gwen Baluss and Maria Berger, the USFS-MAPS avian population monitoring crew, and personnel at Yakutat and Hoonah have expanded the study of hummingbird migration to those districts. Ornithologists Bob Armstrong and Gus vanVliet shared their knowledge and insight to give our observations a reality check.

After a fortnight of study in southwest Washington, we'll proceed to our New Mexico migration station, hoping to re-encounter some of your rufous hummingbirds on their way to Mexico. The hospitality and friendship of Alaska's Southeasterners will not be forgotten!

Bill and Lorene Calder

University of Arizona

... for prom party help

Thank you Juneau businesses for your generous support of the 2001 JDHS after prom party held this past May. There are a multitude of worthy events that you are asked to support on a regular basis and week after week you keep on giving. I want each of you to know that your contributions make a positive difference in our community. In this case they helped build an event that kept hundreds of teens safe and engaged in healthy, fun activities during a high-risk night.

Many pieces had to come together for this event to work. The first piece was finding a suitable location. Imagine inviting hundreds of teens that you don't know to your "home" in the middle of the night for a party. That's basically what Juneau Racquet Club did with their valley club use donation. JRC staff member Chuck was a huge help throughout the event. His reward, extra cleanup work and a piece of Ray Massey's homemade pie.

Another critical party piece was music. A teen party requires music, loud music. On this count Rozwick-Giles Music came through with a terrific sound system. Vic Leamer offered up his outstanding DJ services. (But then, what else was he going to do between midnight and three a.m?)

Our local merchants provided the other essential event pieces, food, beverage and game-prize give-aways. I was dreading having to go door to door and grovel for giveaways, but by so doing learned that our local businesses are very supportive, have a terrific attitude towards "beggars" and are genuinely committed to the welfare of our community.

Thank you Coca Cola Bottling of Juneau, Breeze In, Fred Meyers, and CostCo for your food and beverage donations. And thank you local businesses for great game ideas and prizes you donated including: Fire and Ice, Caribou Crossing, Mountain Gears, Mt. Roberts Tram, 100.7, Sunburst, Era Helicopters, Jewel Box, Lyles Home Furnishings, Shear Design, K-Mart, Canton House, Scentiments, Temsco, Seventh Heaven, Plum Tree, Hangar on the Wharf, Red Dog Saloon, and Wings of Alaska. It was the combined efforts of volunteer parents, community members and businesses along with a terrific group of teens that are to be credited for such a fine event.

Coordinating this event taught me that Juneau is a big hearted, generous community. I experienced first-hand how individuals and businesses step in to help when help is needed. I am grateful that this is the value system of the community in which I live. Makes me proud to live here. Thanks Juneau!

Stephanie Zidek-Chandler

... for help and support

I wish to thank all of my wonderful friends for their help and contributions for the "party" in memory of my husband, Larry.

In deep appreciation,

Vestia Trambitas

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