Visiting entertainment is a bargain

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, June 27, 2004

In response to the person whining about the unaffordable Femmes concert ticket prices, let's compare entertainment costs in Juneau. How much do you pay to go to a local play with local actors who have day jobs? How about on a movie or a box of diapers? If you lived in Anchorage and wanted to go to the recent BB King show, it cost three times that of the Femmes. I paid the Femmes ticket price just for parking to go to an LA baseball game last summer.

The average Juneau adult hourly wage is the price of the Femmes ticket or a local play. Local talents charge not much less for their concert prices. This is great that these wonderful national recording artists are coming to Juneau. There is a demand and most are willing to pay the price. Let's praise these promoters bringing in this talent that most of us are starving for. The price is cheap compared to costs in the big city with commuting and parking.

Gene Nelson


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