Don't limit Juneau's education options

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, June 27, 2004

It is a well known fact that not all children learn in the same way; so why do we insist that our children be confined to educational institutions which don't allow for differences in learning styles? Our national dropout and illiteracy rates are clear proof that the public school model of education is failing an alarming number of children. It seems to me that providing different models for education makes sense.

The Montessori programs and the charter school are well established and successful in this community because they strive to create and maintain learning environments which meet the interests and the needs of the individual children they serve. By doing so they help to create happy, contented children who are truly interested in learning. Doesn't that then serve the community as a whole?

If it is the goal of the school district to provide the best education possible for all children, then it is clearly their responsibility to provide alternatives so that families can choose a program which best meets their needs. I have always thought of Juneau as having wonderfully diverse educational opportunities for children. It saddens me to see the School Board try to limit part of what makes Juneau a great place to be a child.

Blue Riley


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