U.S. is turning into an old-style colonial power

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, June 27, 2004

My son, who spent his formative years in Juneau and is now a resident in Arnold's state, sent me this perceptive e-mail which expresses his thoughts about George W. and his administration.

The e-mail reads as follows: "Enough with the politics. Enough with the internationally televised decapitations. I have had enough. Bush's leadership has taken us to a place from whence we may never leave in my lifetime, let alone yours. When you told me that you were fearful that we might never be out of Iraq in your lifetime, it was shocking to consider, but I seemed to resolve myself to the fact. Now it seems to me that the U.S. will be seen as a symbol of hegemony and a colonial power only rivaled by France, Belgium, Holland and Great Britain in the 1700s. We are now set to look just as bad as the maniacs in hoods with knives for generations to come. Our founding fathers are rolling over, and Bush makes statements about his visions of Lincoln.

There will be at least one generation of Muslims, if not more, who see us as the infidel when the opposite could have been the case. In fact, with the right finesse, we could have become a leader within the UN in the fight against global terrorism. Unfortunately, those egocentrics in Washington have left us with a most distasteful legacy and compromised our security by making us an even more desirable target for the extremists."

John Donohoe


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