Still at home with the kids

Posted: Sunday, June 27, 2010

Over the last few months many people have commented that they haven't seen my column in the Juneau Empire. For those folks who miss it, I offer a sincere apology.

When I began writing "At home with the kids," the idea was to present the viewpoint of an older stay-at-home father of two children, and in doing so the kids had to be an integral part of the column. When the kids were very young this premise worked well, since it was easy to weave the tales of their childhood into my own narrative.

But now my children are a little older and next year both will be in school. I expect that at some point I'll try to jump start my eighth career so that I can begin pondering retirement again. Life will go on.

My children are becoming individuals, developing personalities and making friends of their own. They are beginning to sort out their place in the world, and as such deserve some degree of anonymity while they attempt to do so.

In an era of reality television and an ever more ubiquitous Internet it's very easy for individuals to become over-exposed, where too much information is available about them. This may be fine for people who aspire to celebrity status, but perhaps adults shouldn't subject their children to such exposure, for a great many good reasons. That is why I stopped writing about them.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing about my home life and my life with my kids. I also enjoyed many of the other topics that the column enabled me to touch upon, and I'm still considering how best to reframe my narrative so as to steer clear of family life while turning toward these other topics. In other words, my absence from print is probably temporary.

In the meanwhile, I do have a gift for my readers.

Back in November I played the part of Ko-ko in Juneau Lyric Opera's production of "The Mikado." I had a fantastic time throughout the entire production, but my fun didn't end with the last curtain call because I had video to edit!

For several weeks after the lights went out on Mikado I worked through over forty hours of video, editing and cutting, mixing and remixing sound, assembling credits. Indeed, "The Mikado" was such a regular feature in our house that both of my kids were singing the songs by the time I was done.

The end product was a video of the opera on DVD. I posted it on YouTube too - in thirty segments and in high-definition - and it can easily be found by searching for "Juneau Mikado," so everybody can see it. Please do, and you're welcome.

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