Parking fee unfair

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, June 28, 2004

Thursday's article about airport employees having to pay parking fees missed the point. You quoted airport manager deLaBruere as saying that "airport employees should be happy to pay $35 a month" and "people had plenty of opportunities to give input." Nothing could be further from the truth. None of the airport employees I've talked to heard about parking fees until we were told they began on July 1. Who would be happy to lose $35 a month? In other states there is public transit that airport employees can use as an alternative to paying parking fees. The majority of Juneau airport employees either arrive before Capital Transit begins service or depart after service is discontinued.

First the city gives us no alternative but driving, and now we have no alternative but paying to park. Making employees pay the city just to report to work sounds a lot like an income tax.

Steve Robertson


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