The best place for capital is Juneau

Posted: Thursday, June 28, 2007

At a recent meeting I attended, a person noted that many state capitals are not in their state's population center. I became fascinated by this information, so I had to go to the Web and check it out. What I found shoots another hole in the idea of moving our capital to the area with the highest population.

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My biggest curiosity was the capitals of California, Texas and New York. These three states have the most electoral votes (55, 34 and 31 respectively). All three states have their capitals located in cities other than their most populated city.

I then wondered how many other states do the same? I was amazed to find that 33 of the states don't have their capitals in their most populated city.

I have to conclude from the data that the best place for Alaska's capital is right where it is. Juneau has the buildings, the staff and the tradition. Alaskans are paying extra money for the special session in Anchorage. This is a waste of our state money.

Gary Miller


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