There are other options than GCI

Posted: Thursday, June 28, 2007

I read that GCI decided to drop The Hallmark Channel as a business matter. Typical of Juneau, letters to the editor lambasting GCI for their decision began to pour in.

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There are two fundamental issues that need to be addressed on this issue, and both are rather short and to the point.

If you feel that GCI does not offer quality entertainment for your family you have the option to drop them. You're not forced to pay for their service and depending on your location there are other options available to you (Dish Network).

And secondly, if America's children were not tied to the couch and babysat by the tube, this would be a moot point. Instead of directing our "anger" toward GCI, maybe it would be better served teaching our children to ride a bike, taking them on a hike, or better yet, maybe even teaching them how to read a book. Depending on the television for family entertainment is far worse for their development than simply losing The Hallmark Channel.

Ben Madison

Cherry Point, N.C.

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