Thanks to Fish and Game volunteers

Posted: Sunday, June 28, 2009

We at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Boards Support section, would like to take this opportunity to recognize the hard working and dedicated members of your community that make up the Juneau/Douglas Fish and Game Advisory Committee. This committee is comprised of up to 15 volunteers elected by their community to deal with all the fish and game issues and bring them before the Boards of Fisheries and Game to ensure that community's voice is heard. As stated previously - this is a volunteer position and often a thankless one at that.

This past year was the Southeast cycle year. Juneau/Douglas AC Chair Mike Peterson and the dedicated members of the advisory committee put in many, many grueling hours of their unpaid, personal time to not only listen to the concerns of their community and write in countless pages of comments and proposals to the boards, but, in some cases, took time off from their work and personal lives to travel to the board meetings, thus ensuring their communities' needs and concerns were communicated personally.

Without these individuals and their allegiance to their community and the issues within, the regulatory process would not work. It is these selfless people who make the difference. I know from speaking with both Chairman Jensen and Chairman Judkins as well as Commissioner Lloyd, the active participation from these individuals in this process is greatly valued. So thank you for all your time and dedication. Please know it is greatly appreciated.

Shannon Stone

Regional coordinator, publications specialist II

Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Boards Support Section


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