Fairbanks man accused of bulldozer threat to worker

Posted: Monday, June 28, 2010

FAIRBANKS - A Fairbanks man is facing a misdemeanor assault charge after he was accused of threatening a U.S. Census worker with a bulldozer.

The Census worker, identified only by his initials in charging documents, went to a home on June 2 looking for information from Carey William Bliss.

The worker told authorities that Bliss, 50, was uncooperative, grabbed Census forms, told the worker to get off his property, and then said, "I know how to get you off my property."

Bliss then went to a bulldozer in his yard and started it. The worker got into his car and backed out of the driveway with Bliss following in the bulldozer, according to the Fairbanks District Attorney's office.

Ruben Del Valle, a spokesman for the Census Bureau in Alaska, said there have been reports of violence toward Census workers in other parts of the country but this was the first such incident he had heard about in Alaska.

Census workers receive training on how to deal with such situations, which they report to supervisors, he said.

While Bliss marked his property with "no trespassing" signs, according to charging documents, Del Valle said courts repeatedly have found that Census workers are not violating any laws if they are only going to a door seeking information.

Bliss has no prior criminal record and court records do not list a lawyer for him or any upcoming court dates. A listed phone number for Bliss went to a fax machine.

The first U.S. city to be counted in this year's Census was Noorvik.

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