Life is hard, do your job

Posted: Sunday, June 29, 2003

This column-article-editorial from last week has been bothering me enough that I finally decided to write you about it. For your poll, if it's still running, let's not! Put it to a vote I mean. Your job is, as I understand it, to edit local letters commenting on various things. You are an editor, it's your job. Why are you asking us what we think should be edited on this page? Do your job. I'm sure that if changes need to be made, you'll figure it out and make them. As to the question of whether to allow one contributor to monopolize space in your paper, I would think this is a no-brainer. Don't do it. If you do allow that to happen you should, rightfully, get a lot of complaints. Opinion pages are the worst and, yes, the most difficult to edit. Life is hard.

One of the reasons I'm writing this is that I have seen a number of other papers and the space you devote to Letters to the Editor is not something I would exactly brag about. Then you take up the majority of one page with an article about the page and your job and a second article about The Advisory Committee. It would seem to me there are far more important issues that could be addressed in the limited editorial section of your paper than an explanation of your hard work or an update on the Advisory Board. (This could probably be put in your Community section).

This is not the first time the Empire has done this. I'm sure that you are all hard-working people. I'm equally sure running a paper and making the decision you make about content everyday poses its own idiosyncrasies, quirks and frustrations. But really, I don't care. It's your job, it's the business you're in. If I were that interested in how it all works over there, I'd drop by and find out. What I am interested in is seeing more information about what is going on in this city and the state. I'm interested in seeing more locally generated editorials instead of imported ones. Juneau is the capital of this state and yet if I want to really get an idea of what's going on (aside from visiting our esteemed elected officials) I have to buy an Anchorage Daily News. Pretty sad.

So basically, guys, do your jobs - don't tell us about them.

Charles Cardwell

Information Technology Specialist Alaska Permanent Fund Corp.


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