Joseph William Murdy

Posted: Sunday, June 29, 2003

Anchorage resident Joseph William Murdy, 67, died on June 25, 2003, at his home.

Services will be held at Holy Family Cathedral in Anchorage on June 30.

He was born in Acworth, N.H., on Sept. 29, 1935, to Amy V. and Joseph W. Murdy. He was an Army paratrooper. He moved to Ketchikan in 1978 and spent the rest of his life in Alaska, living in Juneau during the late 1980s and moving to Anchorage in 1990.

He was a candidate for the city council in Ketchikan and ran for the state Senate from Anchorage. He worked for various legislators in Juneau, campaigned for governors and other political figures throughout Alaska, and served on the Anchorage Assembly from 1993 to 1999.

He was elected first vice president of the Alaska Municipal League in 1995 and served as president in 1996. He remained on the board until 1999. During that time, he served on the National League of Cities board of directors.

In his private life, he managed construction projects, owned and operated restaurants, and acted as a consultant. After leaving the Anchorage Assembly, he was hired by Mayor George Wuerch as director of development for public works. He was promoted to the position of executive director of building safety and public works. He also was appointed as project director for the E-911 Task Force.

According to family members, he was a staunch supporter of the Anchorage Police Department and Anchorage Fire Department, and was deeply concerned for the safety of Anchorage citizens.

He is preceded in death by his mother, Amy Joselyn Murdy, and sister, Sylvia Benson.

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