Photos: Yukon in June: light lingers late

Posted: Sunday, June 29, 2003

When June arrives in the Yukon, daylight is never far away.

In Dawson City, midway up the vast length of the territory, the time between sunset and sunrise shrinks from about four hours at the start of the month to just under three at the solstice.

Late night and early morning hours are almost always quiet in the Yukon, but June's extended daylight hours bring a visible stillness.

A trip north earlier this month found highways buzzing with RV and truck traffic during the day, but so empty at night that there were a couple of 100-mile gaps between passing motorists. Stopping along the empty road made it seem as if the wilderness was re-enveloping the narrow ribbon of pavement.

From here, days will grow shorter for the next six months, and these twilight images from the Yukon will fade into black.




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