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Three months after state tourney, Powers wins all-events title

Posted: Tuesday, June 29, 2004

He had to wait three months for it to become official, but now Juneau's Tim Powers Jr. can claim to be the state bowling champion.

Powers, a 2002 graduate of Juneau-Douglas High School and current accounting student at the University of Alaska Southeast, joined several other Juneau bowlers when they competed in the Alaska State Bowling Association's 46th annual state tournament in March at Arctic Bowl in Fairbanks. But the results didn't become official until they were posted earlier this week.

"Some guy in Anchorage was DQ'ed (disqualified) and we had to wait for all the appeals," Powers said. "We didn't want to say anything until they were official, because this guy would have moved us around a bit."

Now that the wait's over, Powers is officially listed as the all-events handicap state champion after rolling a score of 2,213 pins in his singles, doubles and team events. Powers had a scratch all-events score of 1,760 pins, which was good for 56th place overall.

In the all-events category, bowlers combine the scores from their first singles, doubles and team events of the tournament. The state tournament lasts through three weekends, so bowlers frequently roll more than one time in each event.

"This was my first state tournament, so I didn't have the slightest (idea what to expect)," Powers said. "I was going for the trip out of town and a chance to bowl on a different lanes."

Dennis Stone of North Pole took second place in the all-events handicap standings with 2,159 pins. The only other Southeast finisher in the top nine (prize money was awarded to the top nine finishers) was Nicholas Naneng of Ketchikan with 2,107 pins.

For his all-events victory, Powers won $575. Stone took home $331, and Naneng won $25 for his ninth-place finish.

"There was over $20,000 in prize money (actually $21,500 for all categories), and I won a little under $1,100," Powers said. "That was enough to pay for my plane ticket and hotel room in Fairbanks, and maybe have enough left over to buy a new bowling ball for next year."

Powers also finished in second place in the singles event with a handicap series score of 783 pins. Shawn Shilliam of Fairbanks won the event with an 826. Shilliam won $900 for his victory, while Powers took home $450.

Also finishing in the money places in the singles were Ketchikan's John Burke in 15th place with 758 pins ($91), Naneng in 20th place with 752 pins ($84), Ketchikan's Justin Stewart in a three-way tie for 36th place with 734 pins ($58.66) and Juneau's Allyn Hayes in 56th place with 709 pins ($31).

In the doubles handicap event, Powers and John Vanatta took 14th place with a score of 1,427 to win $123.

Burke and Matthew Rud of Ketchikan tied with the Fairbanks pair of Larry Woods and Daniel Schmidt to win the handicap doubles title with identical scores of 1,478. The Ketchikan and Fairbanks teams each won $750. The Juneau-Ketchikan pair of Hayes and Stewart took fifth place with 1,451 pins to win $219.

Other Southeast handicap doubles teams to finish in the money included the Ketchikan pair of Stewart and Rud in seventh place with 1,442 pins ($167), the Juneau pair of Hayes and Jeff Jones in 15th place with 1,420 pins ($121), the Juneau pair of Ronald "Mike" Ward and Thomas Godkin Jr. in 22nd place with 1,410 pins ($101), the Juneau pair of Mario DiCostanzo and Carmine DiCostanzo in 29th place with 1,397 pins ($83) and the Ketchikan pair of Paulino Manabat Jr. and Naneng in 30th place with 1,396 pins ($80).

In the scratch doubles event, Fairbanks and North Pole teams swept eight of the top nine places with Rick Winther and Ken Liedes winning $480 with their score of 1,394 pins. The Juneau pair of Hayes and Jones was the only non-Fairbanks duo in the money, taking ninth place with 1,345 pins to win $54.

In the five-person handicap team event, International Aviation of Anchorage took first place with 3,471 pins to win $1,200. The Ketchikan team of Eagles took third place with 3,435 pins to win $541. Team bowlers' names were not available.

In the scratch team event, Anchorage's ASBA All-Stars won with 3,434 pins for $700.

One Gastineau Channel Bowling Association team took 14th place in the handicap standings with 3,343 pins, while the other GCBA team tied for 15th place with Ketchikan Entertainment Center with 3,336 pins. Godfather's Pizza of Ketchikan took 13th place with 3,344 pins.

Powers entered the tournament sporting a 164-pin-per-game average - his score on Dec. 31. But Powers has been working at Juneau's Channel Bowl and bowling in two leagues, and he finished the season this spring with an average of 200 pins. That meant in his handicap games, Powers was getting about 45 pins per game above his scratch score for the March tournament.

"I had lots of extra practice," Powers said. "It was strange bowling up there, because I didn't think I was doing so great. My scores were not what I'd been doing the last couple of weeks or so in Juneau, but I had enough pins left from the handicap to get by."

Complete results from the state tournament can be found on the Web at http://www.bowlalaska.com. Click on the link for the 2004 state tournament.

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