Censorship isn't an American value

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Ted Stevens seems to have forgotten that he lives in Alaska and not in Moscow. State-controlled television is a communist idea. When did he change his affiliation from the Republican to the Communist Party? Censorship is not an American value.

He needs to "invest" in a television station of his very own. He would be able to write his very own stories about wonderful human beings like him and tell us just what we should see and how we should think. He could answer to his own questions and hire reporters that would submit their articles to him so that he could out edit out any mistakes. The nasty Daily News wouldn't be able to hurt his feelings by printing the truth any more. What a wonderful world it would be! He could even show "Father Knows Best" reruns 24 hours a day.

PBS still has the best news for people who want more than just sound bites. The shows are thought-provoking, and they cover the issues from all points of view. It's for people who want the truth. Bias and propaganda is what politicians use to get votes. Ted can't handle the truth. Keep PBS well-funded and Ted should keep his petty threats to himself.

Joey Brockhouse


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