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Posted: Wednesday, June 29, 2005

... for supporting the National Guard troops overseas

The Army National Guard Juneau Family Readiness Group would like to thank the many groups and individuals who helped make the June 11 Support Our Troops Day a complete success.

Thank you to the Capital City Republican Women, especially Gale Sinnott, who planned many of the event's details. Thank you to the Alaskan Brewing Co., which donated a T-shirt for each deployed soldier. Also, thank you to Safeway, Super Bear, and Alaskan & Proud for allowing volunteers to stand at your store's doors and request participation in the Care Package Drive.

A large thank you to all the wonderful shoppers who donated supplies and/or money for the drive. We would like to thank Costco for its store's individual contribution to the effort. We would also like to thank the Nugget Mall and the shoppers there that stopped and signed a card wishing the deployed troops a happy Independence Day.

And finally, we would like to thank the following people for donating their time to ensure the success of this event: Juno Chance, Louisa Hayes, Linda Cryan, Ginger Johnson, Mia Costello, the Rainbow Girls, Girl Scout Troop #339, Lt. Col. Timothy Koeneman, Cindy Cashen, Katheryn Rhoades, Kathy Schmitz, Catie Lumba, Monika Barnkow, Linda Hay, Paulette Simpson, Charlotte Richards, Rose Duran, Joanne Bellgrave, Martha Penrose, Carolyn Rasmussen, Kayla Bishop, Bekah Peterson, Cathy Boutin, Ton Boutin, Gabrielle Larson, Lynn Bartlett, Al Swanston, Mike Wright, Charley Hall, Kristine Harder, and Alix Gingras.

Nearly 200 individual care packages were sent out to local troops deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, and your efforts on their behalf are most sincerely appreciated.

Kim Leary, Juneau Family Assistance Center

Alaska Army National Guard

... for supporting Yaakoos Daakahidi Alternative High School

It takes a village to raise a child, and Yaakoosge Daakahidi (House of Knowledge) Alternative High School staff and students certainly found that to be true this year. And, what a generous village the community of Juneau is. We have many benefactors to thank for a productive and positive year which contributed to a record 47 graduates.

First, thanks to an incredible staff: Mary Robidoux, Cheyenne Cuellar, Amelia Rivera, Ellen Betit, Carol Sewill, Joyce Thoresen, Amy Kesten, Lexie Larson, Paulette Davis, Valorie Ringle, Shelby Lockhart, Nanci Spear and Kelly Hopson. They are excellent educators and teen advocates.

Without the support of a caring superintendent, School Board, central office staff, and facilities and maintenance corps, Yaakoosge would not have an expanded space next school year to meet its applicant demand, and we are very grateful to their making that happen. The Yaakoosge Site Council put in many hours to advocate for our school: special thanks to Terry Baines, Peggy and Lou Corazza, Candy Behrends, Sam Guthrie, and student Tatianna Sinnhuber.

Thanks to district staff Deb Morse, Kimberly Homme, Ginny Heffern, Doreen Shaw, Phil Loseby, Charla Wright, Marcia Ballard, Deb Germain, Susan Arnold, Carol Allain and Kelly Petersen, all of whom provided behind-the-scenes support for testing, grants, training, permits, record keeping, and mounds of other paperwork.

Community contributors include Beth Weigel of Juneau Youth Court; Angie Abel and Trail Mix; Mark Jaqua and the Mendenhall Watershed Partnership; Amalia Monreal and Jason Wilson of Tlingit and Haida Central Council; Phyllis Carlson of the Johnson-O'Malley program; Judy and the Breeze-In for a daily supply of breakfast bagels; Ann Castle, quilter extraordinaire; Lou Ann Gagne, for weekly goodies and a grant to buy reference materials; David and Anna Katzeek; Shelly Eidsness and the Association of Alaska School Boards; Grace Elliott, Ishmael Hope and Perseverance Theatre; Marie Olson and ANS Camp 2; Valley Lumber; Glacier Gardens; Salvation Army; Resurrection Lutheran Church; Heritage Coffee; Super Bear; A&P; Costco; Fred Meyer; Kristi West and the Zach Gordon Youth Center; Job Center and the many agencies and businesses which employed or hosted our students.

Sustained community support can help more young people graduate from high school and all of our partners can take pride in this effort.

Laury Scandling, principal

Yaakoosge Daakahidi

... for giving blood

The bone marrow drive in Southeast Alaska was a huge success. The total count was 1,010 newly nationally registered bone marrow donors. That is 1.6 percent of the population of the areas from Ketchikan to Anchorage. Anchorage pulled 66 donors, the rest coming from Southeast Alaska.

I am told the drive is the most successful ever in Alaska. All I know is everywhere we went everyone was truly caring, wanted to help and did in any way they could. If they couldn't get on the registry for their own health reasons, they found another way to help. Without everyone's help the drive could not have happened, much less be the success it was. From the radio stations, newspapers, air excursion, Alaska Airlines, Cancer Connection, Jenn Sellen the phlebotomist from Anchorage, all the communities making a space to conduct the drive to all the people coming to get on the registry, thank you. The list is so long. I cannot name everyone, but my family and I are humbled and blessed to have received so much help. I have never been so proud to be an Alaskan. Southeast Alaska has shown the National Bone Marrow Association that there is a place in this world that does care to help those families in need. It is Alaska.

On behalf of Alex Cesar, Nathan Bremner, August Bickar and their families, we thank all Alaskans as well as everyone who helped make the bone marrow drive a success. The national registry is so important to help save a life.

Again, thank you doesn't seem enough. Thank you to all Alaskans.

Andrea Quinto

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