Kohring exhibits strength in face of adversity

Posted: Friday, June 29, 2007

As a friend to Rep. Vic Kohring, I know the good he has done for our community over many years.

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I have watched in shock how some of the community, his peers and the media have reacted to the federal charges.

If we want honest and upright people in our government, then how can we be so vile and ignorant?

Read the news articles and blogs. People outside his district who haven't a clue of the truth make threats. Wasilla's own city council members jump-started the recall lynch wagon. The articles and blogs are full of lies and filthiness of speech. They attack the modesty of his home and his elder parents. They aim profanities toward his wife and sneer at Kohring's politeness in the face of unmerited devastation.

Paradoxically the behaviors they devalue are signs of the real strength, leadership, honesty and ethics that we say we want in our government.

I profoundly apologize to the Kohring family for the disgusting low-life level of phlegm that has been hurled at each of them.

I am ashamed at this aspect of human behavior that is in all of us.

Thank you immensely, Kohrings, for being in my community and my experience of life. God bless.

Linda K. Anderson


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