Chamber should be embarrassed to include SEACC

Posted: Friday, June 29, 2007

I applaud the recent letters to the editor about Southeast Alaska Conservation Council. At last some common sense. Actions do speak louder than words, and the actions of SEACC scream anti-development!

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Has anyone questioned SEACC's change of stance on Kensington Mine? Weren't they opposed to the dry-stack method of tailings disposal the first time around? Now it claims the dry-stack method is its preferred choice. The fact it changed its stance once on this issue should send up a red flag that SEACC could do it again! The environmental movement has a favorite method of getting its way, it's called tie it up in court and make it financially infeasible to complete.

The members of the Juneau Chamber of Commerce who moved to get SEACC out of the chamber should be commended. The chamber should be embarrassed to have SEACC as a member.

The only commerce SEACC provides is to lawyers and false advertising. SEACC seems to be good at spreading false information. Its Web site is host to touched up photos and misleading statements. I have to say my favorite one is that Kensington gambled on its permits. I guess that must be the new terminology for going through the legal process!

Maybe SEACC should be reminded that the very community it claims to protect was very much created by the industry it claims to be protecting us from.

Jesse A. Hay


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