Kensington ruling upheld Bush-era manipulation

Posted: Monday, June 29, 2009

Your Coeur/Kensington editorial in Sunday's paper misses the environmentalist viewpoint entirely, since it lacks any fundamental understanding of what has really happened in the Coeur Alaska and Kensington Gold Mine decision.

In short, a majority of ultra-conservative U.S. Supreme Court justices have actually sided with President George W. Bush's obvious multi-corporate manipulation of the U.S. Clean Water Act amendment of 1977, enacted by the 95th US Congress to protect the public's right to have clean water. Unfortunately, this Bush-era manipulation is still in place and any and all natural bodies of water in the entire U.S. are at great risk and can be illegally, and quite literally, used as a toxic-dump for ground-up, ore-extracted waste rock - all in the name of multi-corporate profit.

Well, as you can hopefully see - it isn't a wonder at all that environmental activists from around the U.S. are at this very moment working extra hard to have Congress and President Obama overturn such gross and totally illegal manipulation of the Clean Water Act.


Alan R. Munro


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