Capital needs road

Posted: Monday, June 30, 2003

I have a question for all the NIMBY (not in my backyard) activists and non-activists in Juneau. Where do you think the capital will be in 10 years if Juneau does not have a road linking it with the rest of the state? I can give you the answer and I don't need Ms. Cleo to back me up. Not in Juneau. The ferry system is slow, expensive and breaking down. Fast ferries? What fast ferries? And, have you tried to get an affordable plane ticket out of Juneau, much less into Juneau? If you can find an affordable fare, the seats are more than likely sold out, especially between May and September. Without a road linking Juneau with the rest of the state, Juneau will become a ghost town of overpriced homes that no one can afford and closed businesses. Who will the activists and non-activists complain to then? Not to the Empire. It will go the same way as all other commerce when the capital leaves.

I do not consider myself an activist or a non-activist. I am a realist. I support a road into Juneau for no other reason but to keep her economy alive, because without it we as residents of Juneau are slowly closing the lid on our own coffin.

Christina Hoffman


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