Aspiring and progressing in the world of theater

Posted: Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Out the window, in the low winter light, I see the lonely skeletons of leafless trees and frothy blue green water splashing against the docks. Clear frosty skies and fresh snow frame a postcard view. Alaska's been my home for 13 years. One thing in my view that doesn't show through is how my home has shaped me as a person. In Juneau, I follow everyday routines not much different from the normal pieces of a teenager's daily life. Extraordinary scenery is only one part of my community. What's equally amazing is the amount of drama training support and performance opportunities my community has given me.

Our school theater is great, and throughout the years, I've been involved in both teaching younger students and acting with my peers. Our local professional theater, Perseverance, provides a drama camp in the summer and the Young Shakespeare Training program throughout the school year. I also attend the Sitka Fine Arts Camp in the summer, with an emphasis on drama. Last summer, through the support of my parents and teachers, I traveled to England to study at the University of Warrick, with the Royal Shakespeare Company. This has all been great, but I need to keep moving forward, and keep accomplishing my goals. Bravo will give me the opportunity to expand my vision beyond our local horizons - to learn, grow and thrive as a performer. A Broadway performance, that's an opportunity.

I expect with Bravo I could make new friends, and learn from amazingly talented adults. For me, Bravo would be a step far beyond the ordinary - a way to change how my life is arranged. It would be an experience that would change my outlook, enhance my performance skills, and give me a chance to do something that most kids in my town would consider a miracle.

My passion for arts and performance are deeply ingrained in how I am as a person, and how I behave everyday. No matter if I'm in science or on the stage, I like to treat life as one big production. Yes, you might say I appreciate drama, in life; after all, "the whole world's a stage."

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