Know a man's fruits

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, June 30, 2005

I offer my fellow citizens a new political acronym to play with. It's WHINO, standing for Whole-Hog-Idiot-Now-Officiating. Its use references are the second, non-libelous dictionary definition of "idiot" and biblical verses on "knowing a man by his fruits." Sample uses are:

State and national lawmakers aristocratically insist on closed committee meetings to protect deliberations from being harassed by "uninformed" citizens and the media. If the representative government infrastructure that produces informed citizens (who properly offer their will for representation) was really in place, people would be naturally on the same page and honest, open debate would be possible. WHINOs.

The president's handlers are having him assert that the Patriot Act - a pre-9/11 Justice Department legislative wish list - has proved to be the answer to protecting America from terrorism. But the president's 9/11 Commission carefully exposed an almost entirely different set of government defects than those the Patriot Act is designed to solve. WHINOs.

Feudal lords of federal regulatory bureaucracies like FAA, EPA, and especially the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are covertly using their power and regulations to subvert or overthrow congressionally set law and critical definitions. This is apparently because their prejudiced experience make them more competent to rule than public policy. WHINOs.

Officials, who made laughingstocks of themselves over Iraq intelligence, are now asserting that the mere opinions of our defense aristocracy legitimizes holding Gitmo "enemy combatants" indefinitely without recourse to civilization's tested principles of justice for the innocent and guilty. But government genius James Madison (father of the Constitution) stated: "Justice is the end of government. It is the end of civil society." So justice is a government tool designed to workably sort things out, not merely an American privilege. WHINOs.

National leaders have trapped our armed forces in the most destructive - to morale, discipline, honor and expense - military assignment possible. This is the occupation and garrisoning of foreign countries with no sensible plan to relieve them from it. WHINOs.

Stuart Thompson

Auke Bay

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