Save the wharf

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, June 30, 2005

In response to the opinion column by Jerry Reinwand and Kim Hutchinson, Merchants Wharf is a part of the history of Juneau. While pocketbooks might be faltering and the idea of selling the land to the city for expansion of the park is a great idea for you and the "partnership," it does not benefit the city. We have a history in Juneau that began at the waterfront area and has consisted of aviation since.

There are multiple groups in the country that help with the preservation of historical sites. The History Channel is pushing the "Save Our History" campaign right now. Why not sell the wharf to the city for a reasonable price on the condition that they spend the money to convert it to a museum of sorts about the history of the Juneau waterfront?

Why not put down the profit and make a lasting impression on the people and history of Juneau?

The saddest thing about this city is that it seems to run away from its very own history. We've allowed multiple sites in the area to fall apart into nothing more than overgrowth and decay.

To Juneau: There is an underlying issue here that we all must face. Allow the city to turn our history into nothing more than a tourist hangout or keep the artifacts that made this town for those that come after us. We cannot allow corporate interests to impede on the history we still have. Those that can make a difference need to stand up. I, for one, am on my feet. Where are you?

Ben Madison


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