Bothered by noise? Look to helicopters

Posted: Monday, June 30, 2008

It should be clear from the well-publicized off-road vehicle debate that persistent noise in residential areas is detrimental to neighborhoods.

Juneau's real noise problem is not off-road vehicle parks or quarries, however, but the barage of helicopters that assault residents every single day from late April through September.

At what point will the Juneau Assembly acknowledge this problem and effect meaningful noise reductions from the major noise generators?

Surely this issue is beyond the point of study; both the problem and possible solutions are well-documented. Rather than stand up for its citizens, the Assembly finds it easier to marginalize obvious residential concerns, waste taxpayer money on useless efforts like Collaboration Juneau, and hide behind industry propaganda as the operators fly when and where they like.

Helicopter companies could still earn profits and serve their customers if they operated in a less intrusive manner. But they have clearly demonstrated a lack of concern for their noise impact. Nothing will change until the city ends their bewildering sleepwalk through such an obvious blight on the community.

Rory Darling


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