Fools race brings out costumes, fun

One crowd pleasing costume is Juneau power line being followed by an avalanche

Posted: Monday, June 30, 2008

Once again, the Only Fools Run at Midnight race did not disappoint those looking for a good time. Six hundred runners, mostly in some type of costume, turned out for the event Saturday.

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Photo Courtesy Of Herb Law
Photo Courtesy Of Herb Law

The race started with a costume contest at Centennial Hall.

At midnight, a herd of costume-clad runners took off down Willoughby Avenue, which had been closed off for the event.

Juneau's trio of state representatives, Beth Kerttula, Kim Elton and Andrea Doll, were there to judge the costume contest.

"I'm going to quit going to bed as early as I do. I mean, you stay up late and interesting things are happening," Elton said.

The three representatives agreed that judging the contest was difficult because of the many creative costumes.

"The gas line will be easy after this," said Kerttula, referring to the legislators' upcoming decision during special session on a gas line proposal.

The crowd favorite of the night was a group of Juneau residents dressed as a power line being pursued by a moving avalanche that was coming down a pyramid-shaped mountain. The group of about a dozen Juneau residents won best costume in the centipede category.

Mike Evans, dressed as the silver surfer, won first prize for the best individual costume.

"It's for a good cause," Evan said.

The event benefits Southeast Alaska Independent Living (SAIL).

While many people came out just to run the race, some residents took the time to raise money during the event.

Jorden Nigro said she collected $400 in pledges.

"I hit up a lot of my friends," Nigro said. "I just wanted to do it because I think that SAIL is a really important part of the community. I thought it would be something fun that I could do to help them out."

The money raised for the race partly goes to help disabled people enjoy the outdoors with SAIL's ORCA program.

Juneau's resident Paralympic skiing champ, Joe Tompkins, was on hand to work as a race volunteer.

Tompkins, who is part of the U.S. Disabled Alpine Men's Ski Team, is currently ranked as the 5th best mono-skier in the world.

"I think what SAIL does with these guys to raise money to help people with disabilities is amazing ... It shows people with disabilities that it is not over," Tompkins said. "You can get out and do stuff just as much as anybody else. There is way to do that and SAIL opens people's lives to that."

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