Slate Lake already full of mutant fish

Posted: Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I just wanted to post some info about Slate Lake, which is the location of the proposed tailings site for the Kensington Gold Mine.

I have not heard or seen anyone talk about specific information about the existing quality of the lake. My dad fished the lake back in the 1950s and I fished the lake in the early-1980s. The few fish that exist in the lake could best be described as weird little mutants. I heard them called Dolly Varden, but I have been here all my life and I know what Dolly Varden are. Folks, if those are Dolly Varden then my mutant statement is very correct. So why are those few fish so strange?

I don't have the written facts and I have not taken any water samples myself, but I have spoken to someone that has. I was told that the lake, as it still exists in its natural state, is toxic with aluminum. I'm not sure why this water sample information has not been made public, but it seems relevant to the debate about the environmental effect of turning it into a tailings pond. I guess the question might be: What would really be hurt at the lake itself? A few mutant fish and a toxic lake?

It is probably a moot point now anyway but I just felt compelled to say this in public. I support the mine completely and congratulate all the people that worked to win the fight.

Ron Haffner

Auke Bay

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