Democratic pandering to veterans offensive

Posted: Sunday, July 01, 2001

Today I received a bulk mailing from the state. No doubt it was paid for with money taken from companies that legitimately earned a profit by producing oil. In it was a picture of a politician from the Democratic Party, posing with a veteran. There were little comments that would lead one to think that this politician was a champion of those who have served. There was even a shallow barb thrown at the Legislature, which happened to be controlled by a different party - all of it glossed over with words to make veterans feel good about the state taking care of their "needs."

Not only was the whole effort distasteful, it brought back memories from last fall when the Democratic Party conspired to deprive men and women in the service of their right to vote. Seeing this blatant partisan attempt to find favor with veterans made my stomach sick. Rather than pander to vets by spending someone else's money on more socialist projects, I would suggest that Democrats in general, and in House District 3 specifically, try the following: Next time you see someone in uniform, walk up to them, look them in the eye and with a straight face explain to them just why they should bother to give you even the time of day, let alone another vote or something resembling respect. Or, you could attempt an apology on behalf of the party to which you have sold out, just as that party sold out the men and women who would sacrifice their very lives for their country.

John Bishop


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