Bear shot in Haines after piglets killed

Posted: Tuesday, July 01, 2003

HAINES - A Haines man shot and killed a brown bear after it killed two piglets kept in a pigpen behind his home.

Greg Stigen said he shot the bear in the neck Monday after he found it trying to bury one of the dead piglets in a mound of dirt.

Stigen said the bear decapitated one pig and killed the other with a back-breaking bite. Each weighed about 60 pounds. The 12-week-old Yorkshire pigs were called "Porkchop" and "Bacon."

Stigen said he was alerted to trouble when his son and daughter went outside to investigate a noise coming from the direction of the pigpen. They called their father at work and told him the pigs were missing.

Stigen raced home, grabbed his rifle and headed into the woods. When he spotted the bear, it ran at him. He said he didn't hesitate to shoot.

Fish and Wildlife trooper Patrick McMullen said the shooting appears justified. State law allows the killing of bears outside hunting season if the animal is threatening people or property.

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